Second Amendment 

" A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and  bear Arms shall not be infringed."


                                                   175 Cassia Way # 118 

                                            HENDERSON, NEVADA 89014


                          OPEN  Tuesday-Saturday 11:OOAM -5:30PM

Q:  What is required to purchase a firearm?

​A:  A valid Government Identification  card, all handgun purchases  are required to have a valid Nevada identification card. All firearms purchases"excluding "Nevada CCW holders with a issue date "post" 7-1-2011 are required to  a manditory  NICS check  with an additional fee of $ 25.00.

Q: Can I purchase a handgun even though I live out of state?

A:  NO! handgun purchases are prohibited for "Out of State residents"

Q: Do I have to register a firearm?

A:  NO.  As of June 1st 2015 , Gun Registration is no  longer required.

Q: Can I purchase a  firearm  if I am a holder of a medical marajuana card?

A: NO, there are no exceptions to this ruling. 

Q Can I purchase a Suppressor/Silencer in Nevada?

A: Yes!, Nevada is a shall issue state, if your eligible you may purchase with a B.A.T.F.E background check!

Q:  Do you offer Military and Law enforcement discounts?

A: Absolutely!  Here at Urban Civil Defense  we appreciate the dedication and sacrifices our Armed Forces  and  Law Enforcement personal provide for our citizens.